Account Profile and Preferences

What is it?

To start using, simply create an account completely for FREE via the app’s log-in screen on any of the supported platforms. requires users to set up an account, in order to save tasks 24/7 and sync across multiple platforms, making your data accessible to you from anywhere you sign in. Your data is kept securely on our hosted servers and can not be accessed by unauthorized parties. Our host – Amazon Web Services – is one of the world’s largest hosting services, trusted by numerous corporations. All transportation from the client to the server is encrypted. More information about privacy and GDPR compliance, can be found in the instructions below. is here to help you improve your productivity and user experience. You can customize the app to best fit your needs. Whether it is setting what day is the beginning of your week, choosing the language of the app, changing your default List or Calendar and more.  In addition, you can customize the app to best fit your preferences. Whether it is setting the theme, notification sound, background and more.

Who has access?

How does it work?

  • Depending on your platform, users can create and log-in to their accounts via FB/ Google/ standard email and password and even via their Apple ID.
  • Your Profile includes your name, email, subscription plan and an optional profile photo.
  • You can change your profile information and preferences at any time.
  • You are also able to reset your password and sign out from your profile page.
  • You can set your account preferences directly from the app settings.
  • To adjust to your region and culture, you can set the language, first day of the week and time zone.
  • Easily customize your list and board views, which is the first screen when opening the app (Calendar, Task or My Day view).
  • You can manage your workspace from the settings.
  • Set your default calendar, default list, reminder sounds, background color and app theme, grocery list, and the widget view.

Creating and editing your profile is account-based and you can create an account with an email address or with an external login option. We also provide solutions for editing or deleting accounts and removing data.

If you want to learn how to:

1. Create an account and log out/in.

2. Change account information (name, email, password).

3. Delete your account.

4. Submit data queries (GDPR).

All of the information is available here under the Account Preferences page.

Calendar and personal preferences is customizable and you can set your preferences from the settings.

If you want to learn how to:

  1. Set the first day of the week.
  2. Change the language.
  3. Set a preferred home screen.
  4. Set the Theme.
  5. Set the default list.
  6. Enable the Siri and the Apple Reminders integration (iOS).
  7. Set the daily planner.
  8. Set the Default Calendar (Android)
  9. Manage Event Reminders
  10. Manage your Badge settings (mobile).
  11. Show the Quick-add bar (Android)
  12. Show/hide completed tasks on the Widget (Android)
  13. Allow the clear Completed Tasks with a Shake (Android)
  14. Enable\ Disable Time detection (Android)
  15. Enable\ Disable Dynamic Theme.
  16. Set background (Web\Mac\Windows).
  17. Enable Desktop notifications (Web\Mac\Windows).

All of the information is available here under the Account Preferences page.

Workspace Settings

If you want to learn how to create a new workspace and how to create an additional workspace see the Creating a Workspace page.

To manage your workspace members and billing see the Workspace Management page.

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