AI Board Creation

What is it?

Say hello to our AI-driven boards feature – the ultimate tool for effortless organization. AI will analyze your project details and craft a board tailored precisely to your needs. Whether you’re managing a work task, event planning, or personal goals, watch your project come to life on a board designed just for you. Embrace flexibility, creativity, and efficiency in one powerful package aimed at helping you create your own workflow!

Who has access?

How does it work?

  • Write down a brief project description, select your preferred workflow, and watch the AI create a custom board complete with sections perfectly customized for your project’s needs.

To activate AI

✔️ Personal users

Simply upgrade your plan to Premium and get immediate access to the AI features.

✔️ Workspace (Teams) users

Admins will have direct access to the AI features, which they can also choose to activate for the rest of their team members from under the Workspace Management screen.

To create boards with AI

✔️Web/ Windows/ Mac

  1. From the left side under the workspace press + “Add new board” or the gray + next to the workspace name.
  2. Select “Create a board”.
  3. Write down a short description of your project.
  4. Choose how to organize your board – by deadline/ by status/ by importance/ custom.
  5. Press “Continue”.


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