The benefit of Alexa devices lies in voice recognition. Using vocal commands is super fast and efficient when adding items and to-do’s to your Alexa lists – eliminating the need to reach for your phone. The Skill for Alexa gives you the ability to effortlessly sync those lists to your devices, without any physical action required on your part. Once your lists are synced, you are free to reorder, prioritize and add reminders to individual tasks as well as view them in junction with your calendar. All lists created via your Alexa account will sync back and forth from to Alexa, meaning you can always have Alexa read out your items for you. Staying productive on the go has never been easier!

Be advised that the skill is currently available on selected Amazon stores only, in the following regions: Italy, Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Spain, France, Japan, Mexico, India (EN).

Find details and platform-specific instructions below


✔️To enable Alexa from the app: 

  1. Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Amazon Alexa
  2. You’ll be directed to your Alexa app -> Skill page
  3. Click to Enable the skill and log-in to your account – done!

✔️To enable Alexa from the Alexa app:

  1. In the Skill search, look for
  2. Click to Enable the skill and log-in to your account – done!

✔️To activate via the Amazon Store:
The Skill can also be added directly from the Amazon Store by simply clicking on this link.

✔️To add tasks with Alexa: Ask Alexa to add to a list using by saying “Add tomatoes to my Shopping list” or “Add pick-up pizza to Dinner Plans.”

✔️To have Alexa read your tasks: Ask Alexa “What’s on <list name> for today?”

✔️To add/remove synced Alexa lists: 

  1. If adding a list, then create the new list in your Alexa app (open the app, go to lists, and tap “Create List.”)
  2. Go to your Settings and select “Alexa” under the Integrations options.
  3. Enable/Disable your preferred lists to be synced with

✔️To set an Alexa list as default: At this time, Alexa lists cannot be set as default. Only lists created via can be set as the default list in your account. 

✔️To disconnect the Alexa Skill: 

  1. Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Amazon Alexa and tap on ‘disconnect from Alexa’.
  2. Then, go to the Alexa skill store on the Amazon website > Go to the menu and select Skills > Select Your Skills (at the top of the screen) >Select Disable Skill, and confirm that you want to disable the skill (if prompted). Any skill progress is lost when a skill is disabled; however, address information for your Alexa device(s) is not affected.

Make sure to complete both steps for complete removal of the Skill.

Web, Windows & Mac

Once synced from your mobile device, your Alexa lists will display on the Web App.

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