The Chrome Extension for makes adding tasks more convenient than ever! You can quickly create tasks out of emails, turn websites into tasks with just a right click, and create tasks from the corner of your browser. You can also view all of your tasks organized by list or by time, complete tasks, and delete tasks.

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✔️To install the Extension: Go to this link and press “Add to Chrome” on the top left of your screen.

✔️To add a task: Press the grey plus icon to the right of a category name

✔️To complete a task: Press the grey check mark icon to the left of task

✔️To delete a task: Press the grey “x” icon to the right of a task. To clear all completed tasks, press  at the top of the extension.

✔️To minimize a category: Press the category name. Minimized categories will display the number of tasks within them.

✔️To switch between list/time view: Press  to switch to time view, and press  to switch to list view.

✔️To add a task from an email: Press the button that appears at the top of your gmail inbox.

✔️To add a task from a web-page: Right click and select “Add to”

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