The Assistant gives you your free time back! The Assistant algorithm assesses your to-do list, and selectively marks tasks that we can do for you. With your permission, the Assistant connects you to a combination of clever humans and robots who can help you with that task. Whether you need to get groceries, book a flights, or find the best gift for your mother-in-law’s birthday,’s Assistant can do it all for you, as often as you’d like!

The assistant is rolling out its beta to iOS and Android users in the US first. You can sign up for the waitlist here, and you can jump the line when you get friends to sign up too. We’ll work on rolling it out to other countries in the near future.

The way payment works, is you pay the assistant for each minute they work on your task. Payment plans are offered within the app and your payment information is stored on a very safe service called Stripe; if you would like, you can read more about their Privacy and Terms here.

Nobody can see your to-do list but you, unless you specifically authorize a specific task for the Assistant. We don’t share your information with 3rd parties, and the Assistant will only share the specific task you’ve authorized them to do with a 3rd party if that 3rd party is required to complete the task, like if they need to call in a laundry service to get your laundry done.

For any questions concerning the assistant, please contact


How can I use the Assistant service? 

There is no option at this time to use the Assistant on Android devices. We will be working on adding it in the future!


How can I use the Assistant service? 

In the iOS app you may submit a task via the Requests option or the Chat under the Assistant tab. You may also tap ‘Send to my Assistant’ in any of your tasks to ask your Assistant to help out! 

How do I know if an assistant has sent me a message?

You’ll get a pop up notification and a message under the Assistant tab.


How can I use the Assistant service? 

There assistant is currently unavailable for the Web version.

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