Productive people are all about making the most of their time. If you’re using, you’re probably one of them! To help you maximize your time even further, we’ve created’s Deep Links: A useful and effortless way to reach specific app screens. Deep Links are unique links pointing to specific places in the app – such as the Task View, Calendar View, Grid & Tag View – eliminating the need to even open the app. 

You can keep the Deep Links in your mailbox, notes or even mobile contacts and follow them whenever you wish. Effortlessly reach any particular screen, without the potential distractions of navigating through the app. 

Below Is a List of Useful Deep Links

Go ToLink
Add New TaskJump In
Add New EventJump In
Add New ListJump In
Add New TagJump In
The Task ViewJump In
The Calendar ViewJump In
The Grid ViewJump In
The Tags ViewJump In
Daily Planner (Moment)Jump In
Settings ScreenJump In
Device PermissionsJump In
Premium PlansJump In

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