Exporting and Importing

What is it?

Any.do offers quick and easy solutions for users to import data to their lists and export it when needed. If you’re new to Any.do and already have some data laying around, you can quickly added to your Any.do account instead of starting from scratch. You can also backup your lists or share you data with other services, if needed. 

Who can access?

  • Both Premium and Free users can take advantage of these features!

How does it work?

  • With our Share options on mobile, you can send your tasks to notes, add to-dos to emails and choose to export to any other supported app on your device.
  • The app also offers the option to print any of your lists from mobile and desktop to get a hard copy whenever you need it.
  • Additionally, both mobile and desktop apps offer the option to copy-paste tasks straight to your lists from any other apps/ web pages/ notes/ e-books and others.

To export a list

✔️ Android/ iOS

  1. Enter a list’s task view.
  2. Press  on the top right of the screen.
  3. Press and choose how you want to share your file.

✔️ Web/ Windows/ Mac

On desktop users are able to export to PDF only:

  1. Open the prefered list.
  2. Click the icon that is located in the middle of the screen, near the list name.
  3. Click.
  4. Under the description option on the top right side, change the drop-down menu to save as.
  5. Click on ‘Save as PDF’.
  6. Click on Save to complete the import.

To print a list

✔️ Android/ iOS

  1. Enter a list’s task view.
  2. Press  on the top right of the screen.
  3. Press  and confirm your print settings.

✔️ Web/ Windows/ Mac

  1. Open any of your lists or shortcuts.
  2. Click right next to the list’s/shortcut’s title.
  3. Click  and confirm your print settings.

To import from clipboard

✔️ Android/ iOS

  1. Copy a list of tasks to your clipboard
  2. Enter a list’s task view.
  3. Press  on the top right of the screen.
  4. Press “Paste from clipboard” and check/uncheck the items you want to import.

✔️ Web/ Windows/ Mac

  1. Click on theicon that is located on the top right corner.
  2. Click on the ‘Import to Any.do’ button.
  3. Go to any external list of tasks you would like to import, mark all of them and copy (command + c / control + c / right-click on your mouse and choose the copy option).
  4. Go back to the Any.do web page and paste the items (command + v / control + v / right-click on your mouse and choose the past option).
  5. If you would like to remove any of the tasks you are going to import, click on the plus sign next to that item.
  6. Click on ‘Add Tasks’ to complete the import.

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