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Why is an award-winning app used by millions of people to stay organized and get more done. It’s a FREE to-do list, calendar and reminders app; all-in-one. People use to add & track tasks, set reminders, create smart lists, plan their day and collaborate on shared projects – minus the typical hassle & costs. Supporting a minimalist design alongside powerful features, can is suitable for students, busy parents, CEOs, freelancers, work-teams and any individual who would like to make the most out of their time. There are only 24 hours a day. will make each minute count! 

How can help me get my tasks done?

We live in a very task oriented society where success is dependent on completing tons of tasks everyday. In this overloaded world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and bogged down by the plethora of things we need to do. That’s where steps in – helping people take control, manage their busy lives, and feel good while doing it.

With, you can quickly create tasks by typing or speech recognition, add notes and files, share and collaborate on tasks and lists, set customizable reminders, directly call, text, or email your contacts, and sync your tasks across platforms.

Our Help Center includes everything you need to know. Read up so you can get the most possible out of your experience!

You’ve got this!

How can help me collaborate with others? allows you to share tasks and lists with other users. You are able to cooperate by adding and removing tasks and subtasks, adding comments and attaching files collectively, as well as add reminders,  add tags to tasks, prioritise and more individually! You can use it for group projects, family grocery lists, event planning…you name it. It is a great tool to help teams work together easily.

Where can I find a guide on how to use the features?

Right here on our support site! Navigate to the home page and choose ‘Help Center‘. Or simply, click this link:

Alternatively, checkout our video-tutorials for a quick overview 🙂


How can I troubleshoot an issue I’m facing?

Go to our Troubleshooting Center and select the category related to your problem, in order to find our quick-answers.

What is the calendar integration?’s new calendar will show your calendar events and to do list tasks side by side! 

We now offer you the option to integrate your device’s native calendar(s) and see your tasks and events in chronological order as well as make changes/ complete tasks straight from your Calendar View.

What is Premium?’s standard version has all of the core features needed to get your day in order. However, if you’re looking for an added boost productivity our Premium features are exactly what you need. Unlocking access to exclusive features such as the Color Tags, Location Reminders and Advanced Recurring Reminders, the Premium version will take things to the next level! Additionally, you will remove any and all restrictions from our most powerful features such MomentSharingcapabilities and File uploads. Last, you will be able to customize the app to your mood by switching between our color themes and receive Priority Support whenever you need assistance! To purchase a plan, please see details here.

How do I request a feature?

Simply click here to request any features. You can vote for other features and other users can vote for yours to give them some extra power so we can make sure to implement them ASAP. Make sure to check if your idea is already there so you can combine forces!

How do I report a bug?

If you find a bug in the app, please let us know right away so we can fix it as quickly as possible. All platforms: Menu → Settings → Support → Report a Bug.

Where can I find help?

You can find how to use all of the app’s features on our Help Center. There, you can find articles organised by subjects, detailing how to take advantage of any and all of’s features! If you cannot find your answer simply use the Contact Form to reach out to our Support Team.

What is Teams? for Teams is a great way to accomplish tasks by sharing tasks and lists, uploading files, managing your team and more. Through the for business platform, you can purchase as many Premium subscriptions as you would like and assign Premium status to the emails of your choice. Read more and register to a free trial here.

Is my account data secure?

All of the data from your account is securely stored on our hosted servers and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. Our host – Amazon Web Services – is one of the world’s largest hosting services, trusted by numerous corporations. All transportation from the client to the server is encrypted.

What are the Deep links and how can I use them?

Deep Links are unique links pointing to specific places in the app. Let’s say you want to instantly open the List View, or quickly review your color tags. With Deep Links, you can get to the relevant screens within a click, without even having to open the app. To view all links, go here.

Why is my app showing different features than the articles?

First, make sure you are using the most up to date version of the app. If you are using the most recent version and still seeing differences, this may mean that we are testing something in the app. To improve the app as much as possible, we will sometimes run tests on certain features so that some users will see one version while other users will see another. So there is no need to worry if you are seeing any differences!
Also, if you have registered as an Super User you will receive our latest beta versions for testing, whenever they are available. This means you might see added features or changes to the app’s interface which we plan on launching soon. You will be first to enjoy these additions and we’re counting on your feedback to improve the app.

How do I cancel a trial plan?

Are you sure you want to wave access to’s Premium features?

If there’s any issue with your account, please don’t hesitate to contact us here so our team can help you out ASAP.  If you still wish to cancel, please refer to this page. Be advised that even after cancelling, the Premium features will remain active until the end of the trial.

How do I cancel a Premium/ Teams subscription plan?

Are you sure you want to wave access to’s Premium features?

If there’s any issue with your account, please don’t hesitate to contact us here so our team can help you out ASAP.  If you still wish to cancel, please refer to this page. Be advised that even after cancelling, the Premium features will remain active until the end of the payment period.

I purchased Premium but changed my mind. Am I eligible for a refund?

Per our TOS subscription purchases are eligible for a refund if requested up to 48 hours after the time of the purchase. If you would like to request a refund please contact us here and our team will get back to you shortly! For more details, see this page.