How Can the Slack Bot Help Me?

In various ways!

To start with, the Slack Bot will effortlessly detect any potential tasks from the channels you've added it to and help you set them up with reminders or assign to other team members with almost no action required on your part!

You can also easily set reminders on your own from any of your channels or by using a Private Message. Simply type 'Remind me to....' or 'I need to...' and the Bot will take care of the rest. In the Private Message section you can even be specific about a time or date.

Furthermore, you can use the Slack Bot to add tasks directly to your lists - allowing you to keep up with your tasks anytime, anywhere. 

Topping off, the Bot will make sure you never neglect your tasks by displaying a daily agenda each morning, which can also be accessible with a single command :)

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