Effectively Planning Your Daily Tasks

With the new Any.do Moment tasks are now an integral part of your daily schedule, alongside your meetings and events. You no longer have to compare your agenda to your to-do list! It's all right there in one single view, inviting you to drag and drop your items to the optimal time slots for the day.  

Your tasks will display at the bottom of the screen where you can easily flip through your items. Long-tap on a specific task to drag and drop it to the desired time slot and then expand its duration (if needed) by pulling on its bottom left or upper right corners. If you accidentally misplace a task, there is always the option to 'undo'. If a task is already completed, simply tap 'it's done to have it removed from your agenda.

Once you're done going through your items the feature will allow you to choose how to continue next.




 Be advised that you can only move a task to an available time slot.


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