What is the difference between Any.do free and Premium?

Sharing and Collaboration
Assign and delegate your tasks
1 shared task as creator Unlimited
File Uploads
Attach almost any type of file to your To-do’s
1.5 MB per file 100 MB per file
Any.do Moment
Plan your day with this powerful tool
5 Moments per month Unlimited
Add some flavor to your app with our colorful new themes
White Multiple Themes
✶ Color Tags ✶
Organize and prioritize your tasks with custom tags
Access to Priority Tag  Create and Customize Your Own Tags
Advanced Recurring Tasks
Customize your recurring tasks, e.g, every 2 days or 4 months
Location-Based Reminders
Add a reminder at any time or place
Premium Support
Get the support fit for a Pro
-  ✔
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