I am missing some of my tasks and they're not syncing correctly across devices, what do I do?!

If you are missing some tasks, it could be for a variety of reasons.  
It's possible that your device did not have a chance to connect to our servers; to allow your device to reconnect to our servers, simply sign out and back into the app. Please give it ample time to retrieve your most updated information from our servers.  

Also please make sure you are logging into the same account on all platforms. 
If this still does not show you all of your tasks, try logging into our  Web App . Please note that the tasks that appear on the web app are the most recent and accurate data we have on our servers, so it may be possible that your mobile device is out of sync. In such case, tasks from your mobile may be lost - please make sure to write them down aside. Uninstall and re-install your mobile app, and then log in. Manually enter any unsynced tasks if you have such. Lastly, please try logging out and back in on all platforms to help your Any.do sync across platforms- if any changes were made while 'Offline' they may not have synced. It is important to sync your account as often as possible so your information on our servers is up to date.
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