How can I move a task from one list to another?

First tap on the task, then press lists  and simply tap on the desired list. You can also view your tasks in the 'All' list in the 'List View' and drag and drop the task between lists.

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    Илья Ермушко

    On iPad, drag and drop doesn't work. It is obvious way to move tasks on touch device. Especially when you see all of the lists on the left and task on the right... But, no...

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    marcin majdecki

    is there a way to move a task from one list to another in web app?

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    Sarah Dyer

    I have the same problem on my phone. I reported this to the support team but no response yet. Neither does it subdivide each list into 'today', 'tomorrow', 'upcomming' 'someday' - it only does this when I show all lists. I am not happy as I paid for the premium version but I don't seem to have this basic functionality.