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User Roles for Shared Items

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User Roles for Shared Items

What is it?

As a member of a shared task or list, you can either be a Leader or a Team Member

Who has access?

  • Both Premium and Free users can take advantage of this feature!
  • The feature is available on all supported platforms.

How does it work?

  • The creator of the shared task is automatically set as the leader of the task at hand.
  • Being the leader of an item means that this task or list is assigned to you.
  • Everyone in the shared task or list can participate equally.

To reassign the leader of a shared task

✔️ Android/ iOS/ Web/ Windows/ Mac

  1. Open the Task Menu
  2. Tap on the user under the “Owner” option.
  3. Tap “Assign” to the right of the team member you wish to make the leader.
  4. The team member will receive a notification in their Notification Center.


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