Using is even easier when you integrate with Siri and Apple Reminders! You can now add tasks just by telling Siri what you want to do. Once you active this integration, will sync with your Apple Reminders both ways, allowing you to utilize Siri’s voice commands as well. In order to add tasks via Siri, simply say ‘add a reminder..’ along with the task title and reminder date and it will be synced to your account via Apple Reminders. Be advised that telling Siri to open/ add to specifically won’t work, as that command will not be recognised. These tasks will sync back and forth their titles and reminder times. also works well with Siri Shortcuts! With’s custom-tailored support for this new Siri feature, managing your to-do list has never been easier. From adding new tasks to your account to getting Siri to read your daily agenda – you can now save yourself time from having to open the app by adding any of our 5 Siri Shortcuts to your device.

Be advised: Siri suggests shortcuts based on intelligence Siri has gathered according to specific user-behaviour when using various apps. You have to use for some time before these shortcuts will appear, as they are based on your interaction with the features. This is why certain users may not see all of’s Siri shortcuts on their device.

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✔️To integrate Siri & Reminders: Go to your Settings and simply turn “Siri & Reminders Sync” to ON.

✔️To add tasks with Siri: Just tell Siri “Remind me to…” and your task will be added to your Apple Reminders list.

✔️To add the Shortcuts: 

  1. Open your device Settings
  2. Navigate to
  3. Select “Siri & Search” and then “Shortcuts.”
  4. Choose any shortcuts you like, and enable them.

Available shortcuts: 

  1. Add a task – Ask Siri to ‘Add a new task.’ will then open-up, allowing you to quickly add your task’s title and preferences.
  2. Open list – Ask Siri to ‘open X list.’ For example, tell Siri to ‘Open my Work list’ and the app will open up directly to your Work list for you!
  3. What’s next – Not sure what’s next on your to-do list? Use Siri to keep you updated by asking ‘What’s my next task?’.
  4. Open Moment – Planning your day is crucial for staying productive. Keep your daily tasks in check by asking Siri to ‘Open Moment’ and get your schedule organized.
  5. Review daily agenda – Use this shortcut by asking Siri ‘What’s my agenda for today’ so you never miss a thing!

You can also change what voice command will activate each of these tasks in your Shortcut settings for

Be advised that at this time the Siri shortcuts do not work for the Smart Grocery List. It will work however for any standard shopping list.

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