Say hello to the’s Slack bot! It is a chat-bot which helps you manage your Slack tasks by allowing you to add reminders, assign tasks to other team members, and have a full display of upcoming tasks. And the best thing about the Bot is that it is able to detect tasks before you even add them! The Bot will scan your conversations for any potential tasks and offer you to set a reminder or assign the task to another colleague, while you are still chatting. The bot will also display a daily agenda for each morning, so you never fall behind on your tasks.

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Learn how to use for Slack

✔️To add the Bot to Slack: On one of your active channels, type ‘/add’ which will add the bot to the specific channel as well as open a private chat with the Bot in your Slack account. Alternatively, you can go to and link it there. If you’re the group admin, you’ll receive an email informing that a new user was created on your team with the address

✔️To start chatting with the bot: Click “” under the Direct Message section of your sidebar. If you haven’t yet linked your account to the Slack Bot, you will receive a message directing you to a login page.

✔️To add tasks directly to a list: Send the bot a private message in the format of: “Add <task name> to <list name>.” If you want to set a due date for a task, use the format: “Remind me to <task name> on <date name>.” You can also say “next week” or “tomorrow.”

✔️To view your tasks for the day: Send a message to the bot that reads: “What are my tasks for today?”

✔️To add reminders, assign tasks, or complete tasks: Ask the bot to read your daily tasks, and then you’ll be given options to assign, complete, or add reminders to tasks.

✔️To add the bot to a specific channel: Enter the channel you want to add the bot to, and type “/invite”

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