The Agenda View

The Agenda View’s Agenda view was created to help users keep track of all of their tasks and events in a simple, chronological order. Easily scroll through the view to see exactly which tasks and events are due … More
The Daily View

The Daily View’s Daily View is a great way to focus on your most important to-do’s for the current day. It was created to help you organize your tasks and events with precision, one day at a time. Avoid … More
The Three Days View

The Three Days View’s Three Days view helps you take control of your to-do’s for the immediate future! Using the Three Day view, you can effectively manage your schedule, prioritize the daily tasks and reschedule (when needed) to the … More
The Weekly View

The Weekly View’s Weekly view offers a simple overview of your full week’s schedule. It allows you to know exactly how many tasks and events you have planned for the next seven days, so you can easily manage … More