+ Gmail + Gmail + Gmail What is it? The Gmail Add-on allows for quick and easy task management straight from your inbox. The add-on displays all of your tasks in a convenient view right next to your email threads, eliminating the … More + Google Assistant + Google Assistant

What is it? Get the best of both worlds, with Google’s smart voice assistant and’s productivity features – extending your functionality to the max. Who has access? Both Premium and Free users can take advantage of this feature! The … More + Zapier + Zapier

What is it? Open the door to a variety of integrations with for Zapier. Connect to thousands of available apps such as Google Calendar, Gmail, Outlook, Evernote, Slack and many more. These apps will communicate with, turning your emails, events, messages and … More + WhatsApp Reminders & Tasks + WhatsApp Reminders & Tasks + WhatsApp Reminders & Tasks What is it? So many conversations, so little time to follow up. WhatsApp is one of the most popular tools to stay in touch with your friends, colleagues and family on the daily. Often … More + Siri and Apple Reminders + Siri and Apple Reminders + Siri and Reminders What is it? Using is even easier when you integrate with Siri and Apple Reminders! You can now add tasks just by telling Siri what you want to do. Once you activate this integration, … More + Slack + Slack + Slack     IMPORTANT NOTE’s Slack Integration is currently unavailable. It will return in the future so keep an eye out for updates! What is it? Say hello to the’s Slack bot! It is a chat-bot … More