Troubleshooting: Shared Items

Having issues with sharing lists or managing shared items? Checkout the details below for quick and easy troubleshooting. 

I can’t share my list

First, go into the desired list and make sure the invitation has been sent from you end per the instructions on this page. If the list was shared properly, the recipient should make sure to accept the invitation by email or directly from the app (The Notifications Center). Once accepted, log out and back into the app on all platforms and instruct the sender/recipient to do the same – this will reconnect both of your accounts to our server and allow for smooth syncing.

My collaborator cannot accept my invite

If you shared a list and your invite was sent, your collaborator will receive an email invite to the address you’ve shared the list with, allowing them to accept the invite directly. If your collaborator cannot see the invite, ask them to check their spam folder or accept the list directly from their Notifications Center.

My shared list isn’t syncing. How do I fix this?

If your shared list isn’t syncing for all collaborators, try having all users log out and back into the app across all platforms in order to refresh their apps’ data. You can also press the manual sync option to sync your items immediately. Keep in mind that it may take some time for changes to sync between users, depending on network accessibility and background data settings (on mobile). If the issue persists, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

How do I share my calendar(s) with other users?

Unlike tasks, calendars cannot be shared directly through the app, however you can still see the same events as your family members or colleagues by sharing the specific calendar(s) from its native settings. To learn more, check out this article.

Why aren’t my reminders/ tags shared with my collaborators?’s approach to shared items is based on allowing independent work for all collaborators. Accordingly, while lists, tasks, notes and subtasks are shared, reminders and tags are individually set in order for each user to create their own workflow. For now, we do not support sharing these items from one account to the next, though users are welcome to set their own reminders and tags in each account separately. 

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