Troubleshooting: Sync and Data

Having issues syncing your account or viewing your data? Checkout the details below for quick and easy troubleshooting. 

My changes are not syncing across all platforms

First, try manually syncing your information with the servers on your mobile device. Then, sign into web app ( with the same account you are signed into on the mobile app. If the tasks still don’t sync, please note that the tasks that appear on the web app are the most recent and accurate data we have on our servers, so it may be possible that your mobile device is out of sync. In such cases, tasks from your mobile may be lost – please make sure to export them for safe keeping. Log out and back into the app on both your mobile app and the web app. At this point you should be seeing the same tasks across all platforms. You may now simply copy-paste any un-synced items back to your to-do list. It is important to sync your account as often as possible so your information on our servers is up to date.

My app is not syncing even though I’m working online

Please log out and back into the app – this will reconnect your account to our server and allow for smooth syncing. To log out, go to Settings – Profile in the mobile/desktop app and press on ‘log out’.

My tasks aren’t syncing/updating

You can force a sync manually using our “Sync” button on any platform. If after pressing the “sync” button on all platforms, your tasks still haven’t updated, then log out (under Settings – Profile) and log in on all devices.

All of my tasks disappeared!

Are you signing into the same account you were previously using with If you’re not sure, please try logging into the app with a different email address. If you are logging in with the same account you were previously using, please sign out (under Settings – Profile) and log back into the app on all platforms. Allow ample time for your most updated information to sync from our servers to your app. Note that logging into the app with Facebook and Google automatically logs you into the app with the default account on your device and may differ from the default account on your other devices. You can check the account to which you are signed in on the Profile page in the app. We promise that your information is safe with us! To learn more please read our privacy policy.

My widget isn’t syncing/unresponsive

Please remove the widget per the instructions below and re-add it to your device. If the issue is still occurring, please submit a bug report via Settings – Support in the mobile/desktop app.


To remove the widget: Long press to start moving the widget, and then drag it to the top of the screen where it says “Remove.” To install the Widget:  1. Long press on your home screen 2. Press “Widgets” 3. Scroll to and select it 4. Choose which widget you want to add, and drag it to your home screen. If this does not solve the issue, please clear the app data from the device settings (Settings→Apps→→Clear data) Then, uninstall and re-install the app.


To install/remove the Widget:  1. Go to the leftmost screen on your device’s home where you can view widgets. 2. Press “Edit” 3. Scroll to and enable/disable it

I wish to remove all my data

We’re sorry to see you go! If you experienced any issue with your account, you’re welcome to contact our Support Team here for assistance. To have your data removed from our servers, please contact us at directly from your email address. Be advised that deletion is irreversible and there will be no option to retrieve this data once removed. Note that we can only process requests submitted by the owner of the account, for privacy and security concerns. To learn more about’s Privacy Policy, click here.

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