Learn how to install and use Any.do widgets on iOS 14 to manage your day in a glimpse.

Life can get hectic. Don’t let distractions lead you astray.

Whether you’re on the go, in a meeting or running errands, Any.do will always be right there with you. Using our iOS widgets, you can get a full rundown of your day, an overview of any specific lists and tags, as well as see your overall progress and add a designated button to quickly add new items. It’s everything you need to keep you motivated – available to you in a single glance!

Any.do widgets come in two formats:

Calendar widgets: See all your events, meetings and video conferences straight out of your notification or home screen. You can also see your to-do’s side by side your calendar and join video conferences with just one tap.

Tasks Widgets: See all your to-do’s based on time, list or tag. Want to see more details about a specific task? One tap will get your straight to your task details in Any.do.

For more information on adding Any.do’s widgets, check out these articles:

Adding widgets

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