Handling Subtasks

What is it?

Subtasks are a great productivity tool, which allows you to break down your tasks into mini-milestones so it’s easier to complete. 

Who has access?

  • Both Premium and Free users can take advantage of this feature!
  • Users can add as many subtasks as they wish. 

How does it work?

  • Each task offers the option to add subtasks under it.
  • Subtasks can be edited and completed as you work through your task.

To add a subtask

✔️ Android/ iOS 

  • Open a task, scroll to subtasks, and tap to “Add a new subtask” and start typing.
  • If you already have at least one subtask, you’ll instead press “+ New Subtask”.
  • Tap “Done” or “Return” on your keyboard. 
  • Pull down your task to save.

✔️ Web/ Windows/ Mac 

  • Open a task and press the empty space under “Sub tasks” that says “Click here” to start typing.
  • Subtasks will be saved in real-time.

To edit a subtask

✔️ Android/ iOS/ Web/ Windows/ Mac

  • Simply press the subtask to edit its name.

To complete a subtask

✔️ Android/ iOS

  • Swipe the subtask from left to right.

✔️ Web/ Windows/ Mac 

  • Check the checkbox that appears next to the preferred subtask.

To retrieve a subtask

✔️ Android/ iOS

  • Swipe the subtask from right to left.

✔️ Web/ Windows/ Mac

  • Uncheck the circle that appears next to the task.

To reorder your subtasks

✔️ Android/ iOS/ Web/ Windows/ Mac

  • Simply drag and drop the subtask to wherever you want to place it. 

Be advised: To save any changes to your subtasks, make sure to pull the main task down once you finish modifying.

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