’s Super Users Community is the perfect place for users to voice their opinion on upcoming features and changes to our app. Our Super Users (aka beta testers ) have access to pre-released versions of the app, allowing them to try out new features and provide feedback to our Product and Engineering teams. They are the first to view our latest developments and their input is extremely valuable for finalizing each version. If you too want to have a say in what we should do next, join our Beta group today by following the instructions below.

Find details and platform-specific instructions below


✔️ To become a Super User: You can join the beta group on Google Play by clicking this link:


✔️ To become a Super User: Enter your Settings in your app, and then press “ Community.” From here, simply press “Become a Super User.” The app will then instruct you to download TestFlight, and allow you to begin beta testing.


The Web version currently has no Super User group.

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