UserVoice: Suggest a Feature

What is it?

UserVoice, you can request a feature or upvote other requests to give them more power – the more votes per suggestion the more likely we are to implement those features!. We’re always looking to improve, so we love to hear what our users think would make the app better!

Who has access?

  • Both Premium and Free users are welcome to submit their ideas!
  • UserVoice is available on both mobile and desktop.
  • Creating a user will be required to add ideas/ votes. 

How does it work?

  • If you have a suggestion, see if anyone has requested it before to strengthen its votes.
  • It’s always best to add your vote to similar ideas instead of creating new ideas which will not have enough supporters for review.
  • If your idea was never suggested before, add it per the instructions below. 
  • Once an idea receive several hundreds of votes, it will be up for review by our Product Team. 
  • Our team will provide updates for ideas per our product map, as soon as they become available. 
  • Once a suggestion becomes a feature and has been released, an email will be sent to all supporters with a notification. 
  • Our team reserves the right to change/ close/ merge ideas at any given time. 

To submit an idea on UserVoice

  1. Open our UserVoice page: .
  2. Click “Post a new idea”.
  3. Begin typing the title for your idea in the box that says “Enter your idea”.
  4. Ensure that your idea doesn’t already exist (if it does, you can add your comment to that thread, and give it an upvote).
  5. You might be presented with options for describing your idea. If not, then press the button.
  6. Give the necessary description for your idea, give it a category, a number of votes, and insert your email. Then finish by pressing “Post Idea.”

To receive updates for an idea on UserVoice

  1. Open the UserVoice idea.
  2. Press “Vote” at the top left of the idea.
  3. Give the post 1, 2, or 3 votes and you will automatically be subscribed.
  4. Note that you can change what you receive email updates for in your UserVoice Account Settings.

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