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Get Started with Personal

Our quick-guide to Personal: The essential productivity suite for private users!

Updated over a week ago Personal is our basic productivity suite offering a variety of free features and views to help you get things done on the daily. With My Day, All Tasks, Next 7 Days and Calendar views, Grocery and custom lists, users are able to take charge of every aspect of their private lives. Get started with Personal using this quick guide for all core features and basic functionality.


The following user-types can take advantage of this feature:

  • Personal users (free).

  • Premium users.

  • Family users.

  • Teams users.

The feature is available on both our mobile and web/desktop apps.

🛠️​ How does it work? Personal has everything you need in order to get your life under control and be more productive. It is a personal space that can only be viewed by the owner of the account and customized to their specific needs – whether its school work, personal growth and goal settings, keeping up with errands or any other aspect of your life that needs organizing. Learn how to create to do lists, use smart grocery lists, organize your action items, view your calendar and manage day to day activities below.

✅ Elevate your productivity with's Private Lists

We know you have a lot going on and very limited time to get it all done.

With’s private lists you can take charge of your time and maximize it to the full by creating a personal hub for all day-to-day action items. All you need to do to get started is create your first to-do list. Then, take a load off by writing down all of the action items which are running around your head and start clearing up that clutter with’s tasks, that were designed to encompass all relevant data on one place. Add subtasks, tags, notes and files to ensure everything is done efficiently with all relevant context. You can also use one of the popular views such as “All Tasks” view and “Next 7 day” to organize and prioritize your to-dos. Once you open a specific view you can sort and filter relevant tasks. Our mobile widgets can help you get a quick glimpse of your tasks without opening the app. We also have the option to email your tasks to make sure you capture all action items throughout the day! You can even use any of our integrations, such as Siri, and Gmail to add tasks from a different platform.

💡 Note: We also offer the Zapier and WhatsApp integration as premium features. To learn more see the premium plan. The Slack integration is a part of teams.

​🔔​ Stay on top of your game with task reminders

Reminders are crucial in prompting you to do your tasks at the right time and get everything done on time.

Stay focused and efficient throughout your day with with's versatile reminder features. Need to get a paper done? Set a one time reminder to notify you of your due date. Having trouble remembering to take your pills in time? Just set a recurring reminder. You can set up your notification settings from the app settings and device settings. Whatever you need to remember,’s reminders will make sure you never forget.

💡 Note: We also offer Location reminders and Advanced recurring reminders as premium features. To learn more see the premium plan.

📅​ Master your schedule with calendar and event management’s Calendar integration was created to help you manage your busy schedule along your daily action items. You can integrate any of your favorite calendar clients on the mobile apps.

Once you set up your calendar, you will be able to view your tasks and events side by side so you always know what’s coming next. You can get notified of each of your events, access zoom and meeting links directly from the calendar display and add events through the mobile apps. On mobile, you may select your preferred spread for viewing (agenda/ weekly/ 3 days or a single day).

🧑‍🍳 Save time and money with smart grocery lists

Need to stay on top of your grocery shopping?’s Smart Grocery Lists will take care of that for you.

Smart Lists is a mobile feature that was designed to help optimize your shopping experience by dividing your items into grocery isles. All you need to do is create a grocery list and start adding your groceries from the smart suggestions or manually, to see them sort into their respective aisles.’s Smart Grocery Lists will help you avoid buying random items to stay on top of your budget while maximizing your grocery-store experience. As this is a mobile feature, you may view grocery items on the desktop version as a regular list, that said they are not tasks and are considered grocery items. These items do not have the same abilities as tasks and do not have task details. Each account must have at least 1 grocery list in default as this is an app feature and not a regular list.

🔆 Start Fresh Every Day: Elevate Your Daily Planning with My Day

Now that you’ve added all your tasks and reminders, it’s time to make sure you plan your day effectively in order to get everything done in time.

Start your day fresh with’s My Day experience to get a handle of all upcoming items. My Day will start fresh at the beginning of each day, wiping clear any unnecessary clutter from the previous one. The Smart Suggestions Engine will detect all important items for you to work on and you can easily add unfinished tasks from the previous day or those with a due date for the current day. If needed, you can search for a specific item or add items you want to work on directly from your lists. On the Web app you can even connect your calendar to see all of your upcoming events showing side by side with your tasks.

Once your day is set, start working on your action items straight from the My Day screen, from where you can update items as soon as you’re done working on them and have your lists update accordingly.

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