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Our quick-guide to's Family Plan: Elevate your family's organization

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Enjoy a shared family hub, manage collaborative projects, utilize a smart and shareable grocery list, and experience the convenience of a single payment per household. Plus, access all Premium features to streamline your family's productivity. Scroll down to unlock exclusive family-oriented benefits!


The following user-types can take advantage of this feature:

  • Family users.

  • Supported on all platforms.

The feature is available on both our mobile and web/desktop apps.

Compare plans to see the detailed breakdown of features between Personal (Free) and Family subscriptions.

πŸ› οΈβ€‹ How does it work?

  • Shared family hub (up to 4 members).

  • Manage shared projects (up to 4).

  • Smart and shareable grocery list

  • As many personal lists and boards as you wish.

  • A single payment per household.

  • All Premium features included.

Note: For high-level project management and organization, the Teams plan will be more suitable as it offers more customization options, unlimited shared boards, unlimited members and more. See the Subscription Plans page for explanations and comparison.

✍🏼 Unlock Family Collaboration: Setting Up Your Shared Space

By including family members in your space, they gain access to all premium features. Explore our personal and premium guides for insights on maximizing these features. Additionally, after adding family members, you can set customized permissions. For instance, if you want your partner to view a board without editing tasks, you can add them as a viewer.

β€‹βœ…β€‹ Adding shared and non-shared boards to your Space

In the family space, you can craft up to four shared boards, fostering collaboration on projects and activities. Should you already have four shared boards, any additional boards you create won't be shared. While others can see the title in the 'Browse Boards' section, they won't have access to view tasks. If you prefer keeping tasks personal, utilize personal lists for your eyes only.

πŸ›’ Revolutionize Your Shopping: Shared Smart Grocery Lists

Elevate your shopping experience with's Smart Grocery Lists! Imagine this: your grocery items automatically sorted by aisles, offering a seamless view of everything you need in each section. And that's not all – these smart lists sync seamlessly across platforms, ensuring you're always organized and ready for your next shopping spree. Plus, all family members can access and contribute to the list from their individual accounts, making grocery shopping a collaborative and efficient experience

🦾 Empowering Individual Achievements

Balance collaboration with personal organization by creating personal lists and boards for tasks that are meant for individual attention. Whether it's coordinating daily chores, planning events, or managing personal goals,'s Family Plan offers a versatile platform tailored to your family's unique needs.

πŸ“… Integrated Family Calendar: A Unified View for All Events

With you can seamlessly integrate a shared calendar into the app, providing a centralized hub for all your family events and activities. Simply integrate the same calendar account across family members, and voila – all events become instantly accessible within the Calendar view. This means you can stay in the loop with birthdays, weddings, and other important dates without toggling between apps.

🟒 Seamless Task Management with WhatsApp Integration

Experience enhanced family collaboration by seamlessly integrating WhatsApp with's Family Plan. This exclusive feature facilitates smooth communication and task management, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Delegate household chores or tasks through WhatsApp messages and effortlessly integrate them into your shared family task list.

πŸ”† Elevate Family Productivity with My Day

Discover a personalized approach to family planning with My Day. Family members can individually tailor their My Day, ensuring priorities and commitments are organized. As tasks are added or completed, My Day seamlessly updates the shared boards. Whether it's work assignments, school projects, or household chores, each family member can add their specific tasks for the day to My Day.

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