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Our quick-guide to Teams: Set your workspace and start collaborating!

Updated over a week ago workspace is a team collaboration platform that empowers individuals. It’s an all-encompassing platform that enables teams to streamline their work, collaborate successfully, and manage both personal and professional projects in one place. Get started with Workspace using this quick guide for all core features and basic functionality.


The following user-types can take advantage of this feature:

  • Teams users.

The feature is available on both our mobile and web/desktop apps.

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πŸ› οΈβ€‹ How does it work?

Workspace is your one platform to track work projects, collaborate with your team and manage your personal life. Learn how to create your first workspace, build custom workflows and handle personal tasks and manage day to day activities below.

🌱 Mastering the Art of Workspace Management

Start using your admin account by creating your very first workspace to establish a new hub for team work and/or project management. From there, you can easily add your team members, set their permission levels, manage your plan and start creating custom workflows for you and your team.

πŸ“‹ Elevate Teamwork and Project Mastery with Dynamic Tasks

Once your workspace has been created, it's time to go to work!

Create your very own workflow by adding your first board. A board is a place where you can manage and direct a specific project or team. The boards were designed for quick and easy assimilation into your team’s workflow. If you're not sure where to start, we recommend trying any of our ready-made customizable templates or setting up a blank board to start from scratch. Already used to another platform? makes it easy for you to transition to the new workspace with third party imports.

From the board's view you can add Workspace Tasks as well as customizable sections to enhance your workflow and divide your workload as needed. The sections can be adjusted and reorder as needed in order to create the best workflow for your personal requirements. The Workspace tasks have everything you need in order to document your action items with tags, due dates, Notes, Checklists and Attachments - along with team collaborations features such as chat, mentioning and assignments.

πŸ‘₯ Sync, Collaborate, Thrive: Elevate Teamwork with Harmony

Working with colleagues, clients and other team members is entirely effortless when using workspace.

You can easily add different members to your workspace and set various permission levels to determine their access. Each of the boards can also be set with different membership levels by board admins to further specify members' workflows and participation. If you want a member to take ownership of a task or a checklist item you can easily assign them to it from the Task Menu.

Looking to improve your team communication? Mention members to get their immediate attention and check out the Task Activity and Board Activity sections to review progress and updates or even integrate with Slack for in-context communication. The boards also allow for public viewing for any clients or other members who you'd like to keep updated in a view-only display.

βœ… Navigating Your To-Do Lists in Your Private Sanctuary

Welcome to your personal space. Whether you're looking to manage day to day action items like grocery shopping or personal growth - or just need a place to manage work items on your own - the private section of your account was designed just for that.

This private section allows you to create personal to do lists that can only be viewed by you. No one has access to this space - not your team members or workspace admins. It is entirely private and you can take advantage of those features separately from your Workspace experience.

πŸ”† Conquer Your Day with Daily Planning

So you have all of your tasks planned out, both personal and work items. Now what?

Start your day fresh by planning your work with's My Day experience to get a handle of all upcoming items. My Day will start fresh at the beginning of each day, wiping clear any unnecessary clutter from the previous one. The Smart Suggestions Engine will detect all important items for you to work on and you can easily add unfinished tasks from the previous day or those with a due date for the current day. If needed, you can search for a specific item or add items you want to work on directly from your lists and boards. On the Web app you can even connect your calendar to see all of your upcoming events showing side by side with your tasks.

Once your day is set, start working on your action items straight from the My Day screen, from where you can update items as soon as you're done working on them and notify your team on any progress without having to access your boards directly.

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