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Updated over a week ago created a set of tools under the popular Chrome and Chromium browsers to help you boost your productivity, without the need to open your mobile app - a Chrome extension.


  • Personal users (free).

  • Premium users.

  • Family users.

  • Teams users.

πŸ› οΈ How does it work?

  •'s Chrome extension, you can review and manage your personal and board tasks organized by list or by time, add tasks to your My Day and create new ones - all from the corner of your browser!

  • The Chrome extension is a perfect solution for users who are unable to use the Mac App and Windows App. For example, users with an outdated Mac OS version or users with a Linux based operating system (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and more).

  • From Chrome you can also download the Chrome app, which is a standalone app that does not require you to open your browser.

  • The icon of the extension will show a badge with the task count.

  • Users can copy any text from a web page and add it as a task with the web clip.

πŸ’‘ Tip: The Chrome standalone app can be used on any desktop device (Linux/ Mac/ Windows).

🌐 The Chrome Extension

πŸ†— To Install the Extension

  1. Go to this link and press "Add to Chrome" on the top left of your screen.

  2. Log into your account

To sign out: Click on the three dots menu and select 'My Profile'.

βœ… Managing Tasks



To switch between Board and Personal tasks

Use the toggle at the top of the tab.

To add a personal task

From the personal tab use a quick-add input field at the bottom of the tab.

To add a board task

From the space tab use a quick-add input field at the bottom of the tab.

To view and edit a Personal task

Click on the task to open its menu. Here you can add the task to your My Day, set a reminder, change the list of the task, as well as manage its tags, subtasks, notes and attachments.

To clear completed Personal tasks

Click on the three dots menu and select 'Clear completed'.

To view and edit a board task

Click on the task to open its menu. Here you can add the task to your My Day, set a due date and a reminder, change the section and the assignee, as well as manage its tags, notes, checklist and attachments. Click on the icon to switch to the Chat tab.

πŸ”— To use the web clipper

  1. Mark a text in your browser page.

  2. Right-click select

  3. Choose between add a new task or add to an existing task.

πŸ’‘ Note: A direct link to the original page will be added to the task.

πŸ”” To view your Notifications Center

Click on the square with the red dot icon in the top left corner.

βš™οΈ To access the compact settings screen

Click on the three dots menu, from there you can:

  1. Under My Profile, you can sign out of your account.

  2. Open the 'What's new' section in the app.

  3. Contact support.

  4. Under 'About' see the version number.

  5. Clear completed to clear completed Personal tasks.

πŸ†˜ To get help

Click on the three dots menu and select 'Support'. From this view you can access our Help Center, reach out to our support team via the contact form or leave a product suggestion on our UserVoice page.

❌ To Uninstall the Extension

Open the extension menu and press on the 3 dots and press "Remove from Chrome".

🌐 The Chrome App

πŸ†— To Install the app

To install the stand-alone Chrome App, please go here and click β€œAdd to Chrome” on the top left corner of your screen.

πŸ’‘’s stand-alone Chrome App, is the perfect solution for old Mac OS and Linux devices.

πŸ’‘ Note: All instructions for 'desktop' in our support articles can be applied to the Chrome standalone app.

❌ To Uninstall the standalone Chrome app

  1. Type in the URL chrome://apps

  2. Right-click on the icon.

  3. Select "uninstall".

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