AI Subtasks Suggestions

What is it?

Say hello to a new era of task planning with our AI’s latest trick! Our innovative technology now dives deep into your tasks, offering intelligent subtask suggestions that align perfectly with your goals. Simplify your journey to success with AI-powered subtask guidance!

Who has access?

How does it work?

  • The AI will analyze your complex tasks and suggest breaking them into smaller action items that unravel your task, making it more manageable.

To activate AI

✔️ Personal users

Simply upgrade your plan to Premium and get immediate access to the AI features.

✔️ Workspace (Teams) users

Admins will have direct access to the AI features, which they can also choose to activate for the rest of their team members from under the Workspace Management screen.

To create subtasks with AI

✔️Web/ Windows/ Mac

  1. Open the task
  2. Click on “Suggest”
  3. Click on “Agree”
  4. Add the subtasks


✔️ iOS

  1. Open the task
  2. Click on “Suggestion”
  3. Click on “Agree”
  4. Add the subtasks.

Note: If the suggestions are not what you were looking for, press the “Try again” option to load different suggestions.


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