Keyboard Shortcuts

What is it?’s keyboard shortcuts, are a great time-saving tool for our desktop users, making it easy to quickly access different functions. You can now boost your productivity and save valuable time, while easily managing your to-dos. 

Who has access?

How does it work?

  •’s keyboard-shortcuts options are divided into ‘Basic & Navigation’ and ‘Task Controls’.
  • Use shortcuts to easily open different views, lists or the search option, as well as to clear completed tasks and select multiple tasks.
  • Add and change tasks, subtasks and reminders using shortcuts.

To access the keyboard shortcuts popup

✔️ Web, Windows & Mac

Open the app settings, and tap on ‘Shortcuts’


Use your Shift key + “?” on your keyboard.

App Keyboard shortcuts overview

For Windows use the Control key = “Ctrl”, for Mac use the Command key = “cmd”. 

Web, Windows & Mac Keyboard Shortcut Web, Windows & Mac Keyboard Shortcut
To open the My Day view Type “1” To toggle batch task editing Type “B”
To open the “Next 7 Days” view Type “2” To edit task’s name Type “⌘⌃U”
To open the “All Tasks” view Type “3” To change tag for a task Type “⌘⌃T”
To add a new list Type “L” To change list for a task Type “⌘⌃O”
To open a search Type “⌘F” To add a reminder Type “⌘⌃R”
To clear completed tasks Type “⇧S” To add Subtasks Type “⌘⌃S”


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