Notes and Files

What is it?

Notes are a useful way to to add data to your tasks, register random thoughts regarding it, or simply add directions for your collaborators to follow. Adding files is a great way to enrich your tasks with added information that is needed for proper execution.

Who can access?

  • All users can take advantage of these features!
  • Users can add up to 60,000 characters under the Notes section.
  • Standard users can add up to 1.5MB attachments.
  • Premium and Teams users can upload larger files without any restriction to the number of items.
  • Notes & Files can only be added to standard tasks (not Grocery items).

How does it work?

  • Notes are saved under your tasks and can easily be added or altered.
  • Under your tasks you can also attach voice notes, images, videos and any other file formats.
  • Notes can contain up to 60,000 characters.

To add a note

✔️ Android/ iOS

  • Tap on your task to open its full task view, and then press “Tap to add notes.”
  • Tap “Save” to save the Note, and pull your task menu down (or tap “Save” at the top right corner of the Task Menu).

✔️ Web/ Windows/ Mac

  • Click to open your task menu and then press the box that says “Insert your notes here”

Note: notes can contain up to 60,000 characters.

To edit a note

✔️ Android/ iOS/ Web/ Windows/ Mac 

  • Simply tap on an existing note, begin typing, then press “save” and pull your task menu down.

To add a file

✔️ Android/ iOS

  • Tap on your task to open its full task view, and then press “Tap to add files.”
  • Choose the type of attachment, select or create your attachment.
  • If you already have a file attached, you will instead press “upload” on the right side of the attachments section.

✔️ Web/ Windows/ Mac

  • Click on a task to open its menu.
  • Then either click “Upload” and select your file, or just drag/drop your file onto the attachments section.

To remove a file

✔️ Android/ iOS/ Web/ Windows/ Mac

  • Press the  to the right of the file

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