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What is it?’s Watch/Wear apps bring a unique experience, specifically designed for fast and easy task management on-the-go. It’s a compact view of our full app, from which you may easily add and manage tasks.

Who has access?

  • Both Premium and Free users can take advantage of this feature!
  • Available on both Apple Watch and Android Wear. 

How does it work?

  • Your reminders will come straight to your watch allowing you to snooze for a later time or complete the task directly.
  • All actions will seamlessly sync back to your main device and all other platforms, unlocking a new level of productivity.

Android Wear

✔️ To set up on your Android Wear: Simply download the latest version of Then on your watch, go to the Play Store, and download from under “Apps on your phone.”

✔️ To add tasks on your Android Wear: Go to the app’s main screen and press the keyboard or mic to type or speak a task into

Be advised: Although is compatible with Android Wear OS, it is not currently compatible with Samsung Wearables. 

Apple Watch

✔️ To set up on your Apple Watch: Simply download the latest version of from the app store. You should see the logo appear on your watch, and you’ll be ready to go! If the icon doesn’t appear, you can alternatively open up your Apple Watch app on your iOS device, scroll to “available apps”, and tap on “Install” next to the icon.

✔️ To view lists on your Apple Watch: Select on your watch’s home screen. If you’re already in the app, long press on the screen. You will see all of your lists, and you can select one to see its tasks.

✔️ To add tasks on your Apple Watch: If you’re in list view, press the blue + icon next to any time category. Otherwise, long pressing on any screen will allow you to add a task. If you have no active tasks, then the app’s main screen will also have an option to add a new task.

✔️ To view/complete a task: Just press on a task to view its details or complete it.

✔️ To add to your Complications: Go to your watch’s homepage, long press, then choose “customize.” Click the section you want to add the complication to, and then scroll through the list to find

✔️ To enable vibration when a reminder comes up: Under the Watch App on your iOS device, go to “Sounds & Haptics”. Enable ‘Haptic Alerts’.

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