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Gmail IntegrationWhat is it?

The Gmail Add-on allows for quick and easy task management straight from your inbox. The add-on displays all of your tasks in a convenient view right next to your email threads, eliminating the need to open the app itself. It is a fast and simple way to create action items straight from your Gmail threads. 

Who has access?

  • Standard users
  • Premium users
  • Teams users

How does it work?

  • The feature can be enabled via the GSuite Marketplace.
  • It will then be available as soon as you open an email in your Gmail inbox.
  • Users can add tasks to lists or boards.
  • Adding a task via the add-on will create a direct link to the actual email you’ve set your task from.
  • Clicking on the email from your app will open the exact thread the task is related to.

Installation and Removal

✔️To install the add-on: Go to the GSuite Marketplace and choose to add the add-on to your Gmail account. Make sure to do this from a desktop browser (after which the add-on will be added to the mobile Gmail app as well).

✔️To remove the add-on: Go to My Apps in the GSuite Marketplace. Locate and click on Choose to Uninstall.


✔️To add a task:

  • Open an email thread and click on the add-on.
  • A screen will open up displaying your email’s subject as your task’s title. You can edit this title to your liking.
  • Choose the preferred location (board/list) and ‘Add to’.
    • If you choose to add to your workspace make sure to select the preferred board. 
  • A link to the specific email you’re working on will be added automatically when clicking the add on. You can remove it if required.
  • Then, click the ‘Add Task’ button to add it to your account.


✔️To add notes to your task: Simply add details under the Notes section.

✔️To add a due date to your task: Choose Today/ Tomorrow/ In 7 Days/ Someday under the Due Date section. This will add the task under the designated time category, however be advised that it will not create a reminder.

✔️To add a task from a web-page: Right click a selected text and choose “Add to”.

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