The Gmail Add-on allows for quick and easy task management straight from your inbox. The add-on displays all of your tasks in a convenient view right next to your email threads, eliminating the need to open the app itself. It is a fast and simple way to create action items straight from your correspondences with a direct link to the actual email you’ve set your task from. Clicking on the email from your app will open the exact thread the task is related to, allowing for an effective task management with all details at hand. Use the add-on to add tasks with reminders and send them directly to any of your lists, or choose to open the app for more complex actions.

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Installation and Removal

✔️To install the add-on: Go to the GSuite Marketplace and choose to add the add-on to your Gmail account. Make sure to do this from a desktop browser (after which the add-on will be added to the mobile Gmail app as well).

✔️To remove the add-on: Go to My Apps in the GSuite Marketplace. Locate and click on Choose to Uninstall.


✔️To add a task: Simply open an email thread and click on the add-on. A screen will open up displaying your email’s subject as your task’s title. You can edit this title to your liking. Then, click the ‘Add Task’ button to add it to your account.

✔️To link to an email: A link to the specific email you’re working on will be added automatically when clicking the add on. You can remove it if required.

✔️To add notes to your task: Simply add details under the Notes section.

✔️To add a due date to your task: Choose Today/ Tomorrow/ In 7 Days/ Someday under the Due Date section. This will add the task under the designated time category, however be advised that it will not create a reminder.

✔️To choose a list: Click the titles under the List section to choose under which folder to add your task.

✔️To view you tasks for the day: Press on the add-on from any of your emails and scroll down to see Today’s tasks.

✔️To complete a task: Press the grey check mark icon to the left of task.

✔️To add a task from a web-page: Right click and select “Add to”.

✔️For more options: Click the View All Tasks button at the bottom of the menu to open the Web app and see the rest of your tasks, as well add more details or a reminder to any of your tasks.

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