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A quick on-the-go prioritization tool to maximize your time!

Updated over a week ago Moment is a unique planner specifically designed to help you run through your daily tasks, to make sure you get the most out of your day.


The following user-types can take advantage of this feature:

  • Personal users (free) - up to 5 moment per month.

  • Premium users - unlimited use.

  • Family users - unlimited use.

  • Teams users - unlimited use.

The feature is available on our mobile apps.

πŸ› οΈ How does it work?

  • The planner will show all tasks found under the Today section in your Tasks View., as well as any overdue tasks.

  • For each item you may choose to reschedule/ mark as done/ delete.

  • Any changes to tasks will sync across all platforms.

  • Once you're done rescheduling, all items will be updated in your Task View and any related notifications will be set accordingly.

πŸš€ How to Launch

πŸ“± To Launch Moment on iOS / Android

  1. Head to your Task View

  2. Select the 3 dots at the top right corner of your screen.

  3. Select the 'Moment' feature (colored dots icon).

  4. Proceed to plan today's tasks :)

πŸ“± To Launch Moment from setting on Android

  1. Open settings.

  2. Tap on "Open moment".

πŸ’‘ Note: You can choose to be automatically reminded about Moment by adding a notification. See below.

πŸ•’ Scheduling/Prioritization options

After launching the moment screen, you will be able to go through all overdue tasks and tasks scheduled for the current day, reorganizing and prioritizing them with the following options:

  • Today- you can set a reminder for today.

  • Later- you can set a reminder for tomorrow, in 2 days, next week or add to someday.

  • Done- complete the task.

  • Delete- delete the task.

πŸ“± Prioritize with moment on iOS / Android

πŸ”” Notifications Settings

Every day you will get a notification to plan your day. To edit the time and day of the notification or disable it please open the Daily Push settings.

πŸ“±To manage the daily push on iOS/ Android

  1. Open settings.

  2. Tap on "Daily Push".

  3. Make sure it is set to "Moment".

  4. From there you can select the time/ date/ or to disable.


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