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What is it?

My Day is your private space within your workspace. It’s where you plan your day for both your work and personal tasks and no one can see it but you. My Day will start fresh at the beginning of each day, wiping clear any necessary clutter from the previous one, allowing you to prioritize your agenda for the day so that you can focus only on the items which are crucial for the current day. Learn how to plan and manage your day with this quick guide.  

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Who has access?

How does it work?

My Day is a private view that can only be accessed by the account’s owner. It is your own personal work board to manage day to day items, both personal and workspace related. Learn how to make the most out of each day by working with My Day:

How to plan your day effectively

Every day My Day will resets at a specific time so you can have a fresh start the following morning. Once you’re ready to start your day, our Smart Suggestions Engine will offer you the most relevant tasks that require your attention, based on different parameters like due dates, priority and others. You can start adding items from there or even use the bulk-add option or search for specific items. You can also review your personal lists or boards and add items from there directly.

Working with other productivity apps? You can easily import items from other popular apps straight to your My Day display to work on all action items from a single display.

On the web and desktop apps you can even see a unified view with your calendar(s), showing both events and action items side by side for an optimal view of your day.

How to manage your action items throughout the day

Now that you’ve added all items, it’s time to get to work.

My Day was designed to provide you with a complete overview of everything that needs to get done with the convenience of a single place to manage all action items. As soon as you have all of your tasks lined up, you can start working directly from the My Day screen. You can edit your action items, work on collaborative tasks, complete personal to dos and update your boards with task-progress as needed.

After completing a board task from the My Day view you can quickly edit the task so your team can see an updated status with the Update Status feature: You can assign a task to another member, add a tag or event move the task to a different section per your team’s workflow. To learn more about the Update Status feature see the My Day Tasks page.

Not done with a task by EOD? Just pin it so you can continue working on it the next day.

How to adjust My Day to your personal requirements

Need more control over your day?

My Day Preferences is where you can customize your My Day view to fit your personal needs. You can select the time in which your view resets, select visible calendar events (on desktop), add external suggestions and reset your filter-suggestion. Make My Day your own by applying the best preferences for your personal workflow.


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