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Troubleshooting: Imports, Exports & Integrations
Troubleshooting: Imports, Exports & Integrations
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Simplify your workflow with seamless imports, exports, and integrations. This troubleshooting guide provides solutions for effortlessly transferring data to and from our platform. Whether you're importing from other services, exporting important information, or integrating with your favorite tools, we've got you covered. Explore tips and tricks to enhance your productivity and data management.

πŸ” Integrations

πŸ”” I am not getting reminders for board tasks in my whatsapp conversation bot, why?

If you're not receiving reminders for workspace tasks in, there may be some settings that need to be adjusted. To ensure that reminders are enabled for your workspace tasks, please follow the instructions provided in the link.

πŸ”’ How do I add my number to the WhatsApp integration?

Open -> Go to settings β†’ integrations β†’ WhatsApp -> Add your phone number and tap send. Enter the 6 digits code you received via text and tap confirm. To learn more see the WhatsApp integration page.

πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Why can’t I connect my Whatsapp number?

If you get an error message it might be that you did not enter your country code. You will need to enter it in this format (+ country code and number). There is also a list of countries that ban WhatsApp so the integration will not work for those numbers (China, North Korea, Syria, Qatar and the UAE). For assistance, please contact our support team.

πŸ“² Can I connect the whatsapp integration to two numbers?

In, each account can be connected to one phone number at a time for WhatsApp integration. If you wish to connect a different WhatsApp number to your account, you would need to disconnect the current number and connect the new one.

❌ How to disable the WhatsApp integration?

Open -> Go to settings β†’ integrations β†’ WhatsApp -> Disconnect. To learn more see the WhatsApp integration page.

πŸ•’ Are there specific time formats for setting reminders via the WhatsApp integration?

To see what are the acceptable time formats see the WhatsApp integration page.

πŸ”„ Will I get reminders for recurring tasks in the WhatsApp bot?

As long as the integrations is set up properly and recurring tasks are set up, you can get reminders for recurring board tasks in the WhatsApp integration.

πŸ‘₯ Can send WhatsApp notifications to all linked members?

All members assigned to a task will get a WhatsApp notification if all of them link their account to the workspace WhatsApp integration. They all also have to enable notification "On Time" for shared tasks under Desktop \ Web settings-> space reminders.

πŸ—£οΈ How do I connect the Slack integration?

Open app click on the your image\settings icon on the top left -> Open β€œIntegrations” -> Click on β€œSlack” -> Click on β€œAllow” in the pop up screen. To learn more see the Slack integration page.

Note: This integration is available for Workspace users only.

πŸ€” What can I achieve with the Slack integration?

With the slack integration you can effortlessly plan your day, create new tasks and chat about existing tasks – all without leaving Slack. To learn more see the Slack integration page.

βœ‰οΈ How to connect the Gmail integration?

To install the add-on: Go to the GSuite Marketplace on a desktop browser and choose to add the add-on to your Gmail account.

βœ… How do I add to my boards through the Gmail integration?

Open an email thread and click on the add-on -> A screen will open up displaying your email's subject as your task's title. You can edit this title to your liking -> Under the 'Add to' choose the preferred Workspace, board and section -> Click the 'Create a task' button to add it to your account.

πŸ’‘ You can add notes to your tasks by simply adding details under the Notes section.

πŸ‘€ Do I have to be the google workspace admin to have the Gmail integration?

You do not need to be the administrator of the google workspace in order to add it. But you will need to admin to allow you to have add ons. To learn more about the integration see the Gmail Help Center page.

πŸ”Œ I can’t connect my workspace account with Zapier, why?

Please make sure you are using the same email the workspace account is under and make sure your account is not under a hidden id. We also recommend setting up the Zap on a desktop platform. Please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

🍎 Do my lists sync in the Siri & Apple Reminders

Yes, tasks sync back in forth as long as the integration is 'ON'

⌚ Can I add tasks on the Watch app

If you're in list view, press the blue + icon next to any time category. Otherwise, long pressing on any screen will allow you to add a task. If you have no active tasks, then the app's main screen will also have an option to add a new task.

Currently supported on iOS only

πŸ“₯ Importing to

πŸ”„ If I import tasks to will my changes sync?

The Workspace Import and the Personal Lists Import are one time imports. The tasks will be copied to your workspace boards/ personal lists and they will not be linked or synced to the original service.

πŸ‘€ Can I import personal tasks?

Personal users can utilize the copy-paste feature to bulk add items from their notes or other services as explained right here.

πŸ› οΈ Can I import tasks from other services?

Workspace users can import items from the following external service straight to their boards: Trello, Asana, Clickup, Monday and Todoist. To learn more about third party imports see the page.

Personal users can utilize the copy-paste feature to bulk add items from their notes or other services as explained right here.

πŸ“€ Exporting from

πŸ‘€ Can I export personal lists?

Enter a list's task view and press the 3 dots menu, from there you can export the list. To see step by step instructions see the export page.

πŸ–¨οΈ Can I export completed tasks?

Yes, to see step by step instructions open the export page.

πŸ“Ά Can I export boards?

Yes, to see step by step instructions open the export page.

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