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Troubleshooting: Personal Lists & Tasks
Troubleshooting: Personal Lists & Tasks

Fixing common issues with personal tasks

Updated over a week ago

Navigate the world of Personal Lists & Tasks effortlessly. Our Troubleshooting guide covers everything from list creation to app settings, ensuring you're always in control.

📝 Lists & Tasks

✅ How do I manage my personal lists and tasks with

Managing your personal tasks with is quick and simple! You may find an overview of the Task Menu with all its options here, and tips on managing your tasks with here. For a detailed overview of list-management, go here. Need further assistance? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team here.

🔢 How many personal lists and tasks can I create in

As many as you want! You can create as many lists and tasks as you wish, both on the Free and Premium versions of the app. Click here to learn how to add lists or check out this article to learn how to manage your tasks.

➕ How to add a personal task

📱 Android/ iOS

Use the Quick-Add bar at the bottom of your screen, to add a task by typing its title. From any of your lists, tap the plus icon next to the time category/ list title, to add the task to that exact category.

💻 Web/ Desktop

Add a task using the bottom input.

😫 I swiped a task by accident, what can I do?

Just un-swipe it and you’re good to go! You can also uncheck the checkbox next to that task in order to re-activate it. To learn more, see Completing and Archiving Tasks.

🧹 How can I remove my swiped items from my active lists?

You can remove your completed tasks from your active lists by simply shaking your mobile device or by selecting the ‘clear’ option from the Task View’s menu. To learn more, see Completing and Archiving Tasks.

☑️ Where can I find my completed tasks?

You can find them under the Completed Tasks folder in the mobile and desktop apps’ Settings. To learn more, see Completing and Archiving Tasks.

🌀 How can I convert my grocery list to a standard list?

To convert your grocery list to a standard list on Android or iOS, enter the Grid View by tapping the home button in the bottom left corner -> Select the list you'd like to convert -> Tap the 3 dot menu button on the upper right corner -> Choose 'convert to a regular list'.

🔙 How can I convert my standard list back to a grocery list?

If you want to convert your list back to a grocery list, you'll need to contact the support team for assistance.

🔄 I completed a recurring task and the same task reappeared. Why?

A recurring task is a task that returns on a specified interval every time it is completed. When you complete a recurring task, the next occurrence pops up. This means that what is popping up is not the same task, but it is the next occurrence of the recurring task. To remove a recurring reminder, simply delete its reminder as explained on this page.

✍️ I rearranged the order of my tasks on my phone, but the order didn’t sync to my other devices. How can I fix it?

If your task order is not syncing across platforms, please log out (under Settings – Profile) and log back into the app on all platforms. If it is still not syncing, please ‘Report a Bug’ through the app (under Settings – Support).

⤵️ How can I Import tasks from other platforms?

Easy! Just use our copy-paste feature on mobile or web/desktop to copy tasks from any other 3rd party provider and paste the items back to any of your preferred lists. To learn more, see this article.

🆚 What’s the difference between Personal Tasks and Workspace Tasks?

The main difference is that workspace tasks can be shared and not swiped. Under a workspace task menu you can find: checklist items, option to change the section, chat, asisgnes, board tags. Under a personal task menu you can find: subtasks, option to change the list.

✅ What's the difference between a LIST and a BOARD?

Lists are personal and help you keep your tasks organized. A board is a place where you can manage and direct a specific project or team. It is built from sections and tasks that allow you to create custom workflows for your specific needs within a classic Kanban-style view. Within each board, users can create custom sections to better divide their workload.

🕰 Why aren't my lists sorted chronologically?

If you add a new list it will go to the bottom, that said you can drag and drop lists and change the order for the home view. See more information here.

🔤 Can I sort my list alphabetically?

At this time we do not have this option, that said you can sort your tasks by time or by list. See more information here.

🫠 Why don’t my tasks disappear after completing?

After swiping a task it will stay in your view as a checked task. You can clear it from your view by clicking on the gray X or you can clear all swiped tasks by shaking your mobile device or selecting the 'clear' option from the Task View's menu. It will move it to the Completed Tasks folder.

👥 Can I duplicate personal tasks?

Personal tasks in cannot be directly duplicated like board tasks. The 'duplicate' option is available for board tasks only, not for personal tasks. However, you can copy and paste manually a new task with the same details as the original personal task to achieve a similar result.

📄 Can I create a list template?

Templates are a workspace feature for boards only.

💀 Why do I have old tasks under Today?

Overdue tasks will stay under the today section until they are completed.

💬 When I am typing a task title if detects a date or time it automatically adds a due date. How do I disable that feature?

To disable Smart Type on Android Open Settings in> Preferences -> Time Detection (off). On iOS\ Web \ Desktop, once you see a part of the Task title highlighted in blue, tap below the title on the blue suggestion to disable it. As a result, the highlight will be removed.

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