Translating Workspace

What is it? workspace is a team collaboration platform that empowers individuals. It’s an all-encompassing platform that enables teams to streamline their work, collaborate successfully, and manage both personal and professional life simultaneously.

Workspace is the next stage of our product, in which we will introduce some new and exciting features while still maintaining the signature look and feel with a clean and minimalist design.

Who has access?

  • The new platform will launch officially within the next few months.
  • The Workspace beta version has been recently released and we encourage our translators to register as early birds entirely for free.

How does it work?

  • The new translation strings will be added gradually as our team finalized the Workspace screens.
  • New strings will be added on a weekly or even daily basis and we will ping our translators as soon as those become available.
  • We encourage our translators to register to the beta version so that they can experience the product and learn how to best localize it to their language.
  • The basic terms for the workspace will be available and updated on this page with detailed screenshots demonstrating the new functionality.
  • Translators are welcome to ask questions via the Lokalise chat or comment on a specific string. For details, see here.

Basic Terms and Screens

The Workspace

The Workspace is the top-level view where you can invite others to collaborate on various boards. This is also the place where you can create new boards and define the permission levels of various members. Every member added to the workspace by the admin will become part of the collective and can be added to boards and tasks per their permission level: Guests can access the boards on a read-only basis, Members will become active participants and Admins will be able to manage the workspace and add new members as needed.

Templates & Boards

A board is a place where you can manage and direct a specific project or team. It is built from sections and tasks that are allow you to create custom workflows for your specific needs within a classic Kanban-style view.

When you create a board you can choose a ready made template or choose a blank board and name your sections and tasks. The templates-directory is compiled of both personal and industry-related categories. It serves as a fast and easy way to jump into work without having to define a complete workflow in advance.

Within the boards you will find another layer of user-permissions: Guests can access the boards on a read-only basis, Members will become active participants and Admins will be able to manage the boards and add new members as needed.

Boards can be private for a single or multiple users, part of the workspace directory (available for viewing by all workspace members) and public – shareable with external users (who might not own an account).

Workspace Tasks

The Workspace Tasks have everything you need to document a task so you can collaborate with your team or simply track progress. Inside the task’s menu you will see these options:

  • Notes – where you can add a thorough description for your task
  • Assignees – where you can assign a specific (or multiple) board member to the task
  • Due date – which will be visible by all board members (with or without a time)
  • Attachments – for any files required to complete the task
  • Tags – for easy sorting and prioritization
  • Checklists – to break down tasks into manageable action items which can be assigned separately from the main task and offer a progress bar for tracking
  • Activity – a collaborative space to chat with your teammates, discuss progress and brainstorm ideas

Chat and Activity

The chat was specifically designed to keep all stakeholders up to date by easily sharing thoughts and ideas. From there, you can view the entire task’s history and have the option to communicate with your team. You can also mention members for a faster reply and add comments. Slack users are able to integrate the Workspace with their Slack account to view mentions and reply directly to conversations without leaving Slack. 

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