Mobile App Navigation

Learn the basics of navigating through the app's various mobile screens and features.

Updated over a week ago was designed with optimal productivity in mind. The app's mobile navigation options are easy to use and provide easy access to an overview of all tasks, lists and calendar items, as well as designated views for filtering tasks by specific time periods. These basic filtering and different view options, allow users to remain efficient and productive throughout their day, by easily seeing exactly what they need.


  • Personal users (free).

  • Premium users.

  • Family users.

  • Teams users.

  • Supported on iOS and Android.

πŸ› οΈ How does it work?

  • The mobile apps allow navigating through core views such as Shortcuts, Boards and Lists, My Day and Calendar.

  • The Tasks section includes Lists, and Smart Grocery Lists. Simply select any of these options to view all associated items.

  • You may find further sort and filtering, as well as import and export options once a preferred list view is selected.

  • When tapping the navigation button from under the Calendar View, users will be able to find the Agenda, Daily, 3 Day and Weekly calendar spreads. They will also be able to select their preferred visible calendars if needed.

  • From the home screen you can access the universal search feature to find any of your action items/events/ tags/ lists and boards.

  • Each one of your views offers a quick-menu to access your app's Settings and other essential options.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Navigating between general views

If you want to navigate between My Day, Calendar view or move between boards/ list you can do so by:

πŸ“± iOS

  1. From the home menu.

  2. See the bottom blue menu.

  3. Tap on the view you would like to see.

To exit the view tap on the home menu.

πŸ“± Android

To access shortcuts:

  1. From the home menu.

  2. On the top you will see the "All Tasks" view and "Next 7 Days" view.

Or tap on "Tasks" on the bottom menu to open the "All Tasks" view.

To exit the view tap on the home menu.

πŸ“† Navigating between calendar views

πŸ“± Android/ iOS

  1. Open the Calendar View.

  2. Tap on the three-line icon that is located at the top left to open the navigation menu.

  3. Tap on the calendar view you would like to see.

πŸ’‘ To learn more about the calendar and viewing options click here.

βš™οΈ Accessing the quick-menu and settings

The quick menu offers multiple options per view such as filters, imports, settings and more. You can access it by:

πŸ“± iOS/ Android

  1. Open any of your app's views (see instructions above).

  2. Tap on the 3 dots menu.

  3. Choose 'settings' or any other relevant option.

Accessing the app's settings and profile

πŸ“± iOS/ Android

  1. From a list/ board view.

  2. Open the three-dot menu.

  3. Open 'Settings'.

  4. Tap on 'Profile'.

πŸ” Accessing the universal search

The Universal Search allows you to search for team and personal tasks, lists, tags and boards as needed. You can access it straight from your home menu, like this:

πŸ“± iOS/ Android

  1. Open the home menu.

  2. Type in your search on the top.

✍️ Adding, editing and reordering lists and boards

From the Tasks view you can easily reorder your items as needed.

You can find information on how to reorder and edit lists on the Managing Lists page.

You can find information on how to reorder and edit board sections on the Board Sections page.

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