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Troubleshooting: Boards & Board Tasks
Troubleshooting: Boards & Board Tasks
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Unlock the full potential of our kanban boards and streamline your workflow. This troubleshooting guide addresses common challenges, from creating boards to enhancing task management. Explore solutions for optimizing your board tasks, sections, and more, making your work more efficient and organized.

📋 Boards

🔢 How many boards can I create?

There is no specific limit to the number of boards you can create in You have the flexibility to create as many boards as you need to organize your tasks and projects effectively.

🤫 If I create a private board can others see it?

Private boards are not visable to others in the workspace. Private boards are specifically designed for personal use and cannot be accessed or seen by other individuals in the workspace.

✅ What's the difference between a LIST and a BOARD?

Lists are personal and help you keep your tasks organized. A board is a place where you can manage and direct a specific project or team. It is built from sections and tasks that allow you to create custom workflows for your specific needs within a classic Kanban-style view. Within each board, users can create custom sections to better divide their workload.

✍ Can I edit a template?

Templates serve as a starting point for creating tasks and projects, but they are fully customizable to fit your specific needs. Once you have added a template, you can modify its content, update task details, add or remove tasks, and make any necessary adjustments according to your requirements.

💎 Can I create a custom board template?

Yes, you have the option to create personalized templates. Open a Web/ desktop platform and open the board you would like to set a template. After that open the 3 dots menu and select "Save as a template".

🖥️ How do I change my board view to Table or Calendar?

Open the board -> View -> Select a different view. To learn more visit the views page.

🆓 How do I share my board with unpaid users?

You can use the external link option to share the board in read only mode. To learn more visit the external viewers page.

👥 How to add\remove board members?

Open a specific board->If you already have members on your board press the blue plus next to the members pictures. If your boards doesn’t have members press the gray + ” Invite board members”. To learn more see the board member page.

🦾 How do I create a board using AI?

From the left side under the workspace press + “Add new board” or the gray + next to the workspace name -> Select “Create a board” ->Write down a short description of your project.

Choose how to organize your board – by deadline/ by status/ by importance/ custom -> Press “Continue”. To learn more see the board AI page.

⚙️ How can I adjust board permissions?

To learn how to adjust board permissions see the permission page.

👥 Why can't I add a member to my board?

If the member is not a part of the workspace you will need to ask your workspace admin to add them. You also must be the admin or member of the board to add members.

❌ To delete the board

Press the 3 dot menu (quick-actions) and click on "Archive Board".

✅ Board Tasks

🆚 What’s the difference between Personal Tasks and Workspace Tasks?

The main difference is that workspace tasks can be shared and not swiped. Under a workspace task menu you can find: checklist items, option to change the section, chat, asisgnes, board tags. Under a personal task menu you can find: subtasks, option to change the list.

➕ How do I create a board task?

Open a board -> type in the task-> add it. For more information see the Task Management page.

✅ How do I complete a board task?

You can archive a task to remove it from the board, you can also create a section called done and drag it there. Or you can create a tag called done and add it to the task. For more information see the Task Management page.

📑 Can I duplicate a board task?

Press the 3 dots next the task-> duplicate. For more information see the Task Management page.

👀 Can everyone see my board tasks?

If you have other members in your board they will be able to see all of the tasks under it. If you Want to keep tasks private you can create a private board and not share it. To learn more see boards page.

🔄 Can I add recurring task to my board?

Open the task->due date-> from there you can add a recurring reminder. To learn more see the recurring tasks page.

📝 Can I add subtasks to a board task?

You can add a checklist with checklist items under your workspace tasks, To learn more, see here.

❌ How do I delete a board task?

For more information see archiving board tasks page.

🖇️ How do I add an attachment to a task?

Open the task menu-> press the blue + and add an attachment. To see more information see the notes page. Is there a weight limit for attachments?

There is no limit for adding attachments at this time, but the app is not a storage app and we may add restrictions in the future.

🦾 What are AI checklists?

If you want to use AI to suggest checklis items for your task you can enable this feature. To learn more see the AI-assisted Checklists page.

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