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Troubleshooting: Settings & Navigation
Troubleshooting: Settings & Navigation
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Get the most out of our app by mastering account settings, optimizing device preferences, and effortlessly navigating through screens on various platforms. Explore solutions to common issues related to settings and seamless app navigation in this comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

⚙️ Settings

🌎 Why isn’t my app translated? uses a crowdsourcing platform to translate the app and offers different language options under the Settings menu in the mobile and desktop apps. However, as our users are our translators, not all languages are currently translated and at times certain translations might not be accurate. If you would like to join our translation team and add more strings in your language, we would be honored to have you! Please go here to see further details.

🔠 How do I translate the app?

To translate the app, you can join the Translator Community. Make sure you're able to translate one of the supported languages. Open your app and go to Settings > Community > Help Translate You will then be brought to a website where you can choose what languages you're able to help with and sign-up. You can also access the sign-up form by clicking here.

💾 Why can’t I move to my Android SD card?

The reason for this is that limitations apply to apps installed on the SD card by the Android operating system. One of those limitations is not being able to schedule alerts, which is a core feature for a successful To-Do list. Therefore, at this time the app does not support this option.

🪫 What should I do if is draining my Android device battery?

Do you have a battery saving app? This could be the origin of any drainage issue. As continues running syncing processes to make sure your tasks are up to date, the battery saving app sees running in the background it and shuts it down. Then, restarts and this creates a cycle of shutting down and restarting the application, leading to extra battery consumption. If you have a battery saving app, please go into its settings and mark as an exception.

🗣 How do I access voice settings from my keyboard?

Looking to access voice settings from your keyboard? Make sure your mobile device is set up properly by following the instructions below.

📱 Android

  • Using Google Keyboard:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Language & input.

    2. Select Google Keyboard/Gboard.

    3. Tap Preferences.

    4. Toggle the Voice input key switch.

  • Using Device Native Keyboard:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Language & input.

    2. Choose "Virtual keyboard" or "On-screen keyboard."

    3. Tap "Manage Keyboards."

    4. Toggle Google voice typing.

Note: Install Google Keyboard from the Play Store if needed. You can learn more about it on this Google article.

📱 iOS

  1. Enable Dictation: Settings > General > Keyboard > Enable Dictation > On.

  2. Enable Siri: Settings > Siri > On > Enable Siri.

  3. Restart your phone.

Note: Remove 3rd party keyboard apps if the speaker icon doesn't appear.

📳 Why is my ‘shake to erase’ not working?

First, make sure the option is turned on in your app’s in the Android app’s Settings (toggle “Shake” to “ON”). The shake to erase feature only works in portrait mode, sometimes when the phone is being shaken, it switches to landscape mode. This can cause the shake to erase feature not to work. Try turning off the auto-rotate feature, then try shaking it again.

Note: This is an Android feature only.

↔ Do you offer RTL (right-to-left) support?

On the desktop and web versions, right-to-left languages are fully supported.
However, RTL support is not yet fully implemented on the mobile app.

🌆 How can I make the "discarding wallpaper in X..." go away?

If you change the background of the desktop or web app and you have a free account you will get a message "discarding wallpaper in 30 seconds" as this is a premium feature. You will get to test the feature to see if you like it. To remove the message you can change it back to a free background or click the "upgrade now" and press "No Thanks" or the gray X.

🗺️ Navigation

🏞️ Why do things in my app look different than the FAQs?

First, make sure you are using the most up to date version of the app. If you are using the most recent version and still seeing differences, this may mean that we are testing something in the app. To improve the app as much as possible, we will sometimes run tests on certain features so that some users will see one version while other users will see another. So there is no need to worry if you are seeing any differences.

Also, if you have registered as an Super User you will receive our latest beta versions for testing, whenever they are available. This means you might see added features or changes to the app’s interface which we plan on launching soon. You will be first to enjoy these additions and we’re counting on your feedback to improve the app.

↔️ Why is my Android app not working in landscape mode?

In the past, supported Portrait mode only. For the convenience of our users, the app now works in Landscape mode also, excluding a few specific screens:

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