What is it?

Any.do’s standard version has all of the core features needed to get your day in order. However, if you’re looking for an added boost of productivity – our Premium features are exactly what you need!

How does it work?

  • The Any.do Premium users accomplish more, unlocking access to exclusive features such as the Focus Mode for concentrating on any task, Color Tags for easy prioritizing, Location based Reminders and Advanced Recurring Reminders.
  • They can also enjoy the full potential of our most powerful features- unlimited Any.do MomentSharing capabilities and File uploads, and have extensive integration options using Zapier and WhatsApp.
  • Premium users can customize the app, by switching between our color themes.
  • Most important- Premium users receive Priority Support! 

How can I get access?

Purchasing an Any.do Premium subscription is simple! Just go to your app Settings -> Profile, and select “Upgrade to Premium” (see instructions below). Note that Any.do subscriptions are per account only, they cannot be shared among several users or accounts.

Subscription plans can be purchased via Google Play, AppGallery, Apple’s iTunes or directly through us. The payment provider Any.do uses for direct transactions is called Stripe and it is an extremely trustworthy service (click here for their Privacy and Terms). The payment methods we accept are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Any.do offers both a Monthly and a Yearly Premium subscription plans. As subscriptions are per account, you will enjoy the Premium features on any of your devices, while using the same email address (user). In addition, we are offering a business plan- Any.do for Teams, which is billed on an annual basis. All payment plans are subject to Any.do’s TOS. For instructions on cancellations and refunds, please go here.

Premium vs. Standard

Comparison Chart

Whatsapp Reminders
Create tasks & reminders straight from your ongoing conversations
Sharing and Collaboration
Assign and delegate your tasks
* 1 shared task as creator
* lists shared in read-only mode
Unlimited sharing + Full access to the Activity tab
File Uploads
Attach almost any type of file to your To-do’s
1.5 MB per file Up to 100 MB per file. No limit on the number of files.
Any.do Moment
Plan your day with this powerful tool (mobile only)
5 Moments per month Unlimited
Backgrounds and Themes
Add some flavor to your app with our colorful backgrounds and themes
White/ Calm Multiple Themes and backgrounds
Color Tags
Organize and prioritize your tasks with custom tags (coming soon for Web)
Access to Priority Tag Create and Customize Your Own Tags
Advanced Recurring Tasks
Customize your recurring tasks, e.g, every 2 days or 4 months
Location-Based Reminders
Add a reminder at any time or place (mobile only)
Focus Mode
Introducing a new way to concentrate by eliminating distractions and staying on-task (mobile only)
Zapier Integration
Seamlessly connect thousands of apps with Any.do as well as create your own custom integrations. 
Premium Support
Get the support fit for a Pro


To upgrade to Premium

✔️ Android/ iOS

  1. Go to Settings -> Profile
  2. Tap ‘Upgrade to Premium’
  3. Select your desired payment plan

✔️ Web, Windows and Mac

  1. Tap on ‘Go Premium’ on the top right corner of the screen. Or, go to Settings -> Profile and tap ‘Go Premium’.
  2. Select your desired payment plan. 

To receive an invoice/receipt

✔️ Android/ iOS

Receipts and invoices from the App Store and Google Play are sent to you via email after your purchase.

✔️ Web, Windows and Mac

To receive an invoice for a Stripe purchase, please contact us at Premium@any.do.

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